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Dust Free Grit and Water Blasters
Vacuum And Abrasive Recovery Systems

At Pargill Investments we import & distribute environmental surface preparation systems. These include
Vacuum Blast Machine, Grit Recovery & Cleaning System, Aqua Blast Machine, Job History, Home

Job History & Equipment

Tenghiz - Kazakstan 2000 - Training of local blasters for refinery weld inspection project 2000

Dust Free sand Blaster

Inner Corner Cleaning

Outer Corner Cleaning


Weld Cleaning

Weld Preparation 


Removing Heavy Coatings


Cleaning Stainless Steel

Removing Graffiti


Container Repairs

Floor Preparation Before Coating


Other tasks can be done while the Dust Free Blaster is operating.


Aqua Blaster


The Aqua Blaster uses a high pressure blast of water & abrasives to clean Steel, Brick & Concrete.




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