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At Pargill Investments we import & distribute environmental surface preparation systems. These include
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Aqua Blaster


Pargill Investments - Dust Free Grit and Water Blasters Vacuum And Abrasive Recovery environmental surface preparation Systems.

How much money would you like to save on your next grit blasting job?

Halve your abrasive consumption - at least !
Half the grit to deliver so also to take away !
Cut your compressed air consumption - save fuel !
Operated selected wash - down facility.
Low wear on hoses and nozzles.
All this and no dust - and no complaints about dust !


The best value, user - friendly, slurry blaster around.

A dust - free pressurized slurry system.
Simple , easy operation
Automatic pressurization / Self sealing vessels !
Infinitely variable slurry volume.
Tiny water consumption.
Operates easily over 100 meters.
Very low running costs.
Controlled delivery , save about 50 % on nearly any blast media with no loss in productivity.


Technical specifications:

Aquablaster DKS 100 NP DKS 200 NP
Vessel capacity 100  litres      200  litres
Abrasive capacity 75  litres     175  litres
Unit length  850  mm  210  mm
Width  710  mm 880 mm
Height 1270 mm  1470 mm
Empty weight 140 kg 180 kg


Air Requirement

Pressure                up to 9 bar ( 130 psi )
Volume                  3.5 - 10 m3/min


Aqua Blaster is CE certificated and comprises:

Galvanized pressure vises.
Detachable media sieve.
Lockable hydrostatic / pneumatic weatherproof control cabinet.
Emergency stop control.
Rugged four wheeled undercarriage.
20 meter x 1 - inch diameter blast hose and control umbilical.
Venturi blast nozzle and dead-man controller.
Operator selected  "Water / Abrasive" or "Water only" modes.
Air inlet filter / separator.
Inlet water connection.
Water supply filter.
Self priming water pump.


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